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No-Fault Asset Recovery

La Sorsa & Beneventano, have more than 60 years of combined experience trying cases throughout the New York Metropolitan area and a track record of more than 23,000 cases settled. Many businesses have suffered due to non-payment on No-Fault insurance claims, which are affecting their bottom line. Having formerly worked for insurance companies, we understand how they resolve claims and can more accurately determine what the problem might be in obtaining the payments you are entitled to.

Medical providers have become ensnared with mountains of paperwork, keeping them from their practice and being able to treat all patients. This exceptionally bureaucratic insurance industry means that providers are covertly discouraged from taking insurance patients. By retaining a New York no-fault attorney, you can take advantage of our experience and skill in this often complex field. We can aggressively pursue the insurance payments you are entitled to, freeing your attention from the mounting unpaid claims.

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Need to collect unpaid medical bills in New York?

Our firm is ready to service your needs in the following areas: debt collection, delinquent receivables, hospital debt collection, physicians debt collection, no-fault bills, dentists debt collection, chiropractors debt collection, urgent care facilities, and ambulatory & EMS facilities. We know from experience the debt collection tactics to use and why you should invest in outside help. Being familiar with HIPAA regulations, we have full understanding of the system and what actions we can take on your behalf.

Why Choose La Sorsa & Beneventano

Why should you consider working with a medical asset recovery lawyer at our firm? Our professionals understand the ins and outs of debt collection and can ensure your full compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well as any other relevant state and federal laws that may affect the collection of the money you are owed. We know what recourse you have should a debtor file bankruptcy and can offer experienced counsel in these proceedings to make sure your claim gets the fair attention it deserves.

Our lawyers know when to take a case to court and when to settle with a debtor and will work closely with you to determine what course of action is truly in your best interests, including garnishment, liens, negotiation and litigation. When you work with a lawyer at our firm, you will find that we move quickly to determine the right approach. The longer a debt remains unpaid, the greater the likelihood that it will never be paid at all.

Financial solvency during tough economic times can seem an insurmountable goal, but when you involve an experienced team of professionals such as the one at our firm, you can feel confident that your debt collection needs are well looked after. While you focus on running your practice and taking your business to the next level, we will address these complicated matters with the vigor and dedication that is required to seek positive results.

Medical Debt Collection Attorney in New York

There are many ways in which your income flow can be stopped, which can in turn affect the running of your practice. Whether it is the New York state No-Fault insurance carriers who have denied the claim or delayed payment or workers' compensation providers who are lagging, we have developed quick methods of collecting for our clients. Our New York no fault lawyers have processed over 40,000 files for our clients, with settlements exceeding $44 million.

Many medical providers are unaware that they have 6 years they can go back to in recovering for unpaid claims. Our firm knows you do not have the staff or the time to look through such extensive files in order to pursue this payment, so we make it easy on you by reviewing your files at your office, free of charge, when you agree to let us litigate your claims.

Our lawyers don't sit on these claims; we immediately take action on your behalf to bring in the income due to you for the services you have provided. With our skill and knowledge in this area, you can feel confident that your unpaid claims can become a cash recovery for you in short order. Let us work for you!

Contact a New York no fault lawyer to discuss your legal options. We can help with outstanding invoices from medical providers, as well as with patient liens.

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