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Dentists Debt Collection in New York

Do you have unpaid bills from no-fault insurance companies?

It has become increasingly difficult to receive payments on claims from no-fault insurance companies in New York. This can adversely affect a dentist's practice by decreasing the amount of cash-flow available to operate your business. It can also discourage you from accepting no-fault insurance patients which may generate hardship not only for your practice, but for your patients as well.

No-fault insurance companies commonly deny claims, fail to pay claims that have been authorized and generate extraneous amounts of red tape so that it is a battle each and every time you wish to be paid. They hire lawyers that are expert in ensuring that as little as possible will have to be paid. No matter the size of your practice, a New York no fault lawyer should be consulted with in order to assist you in recovering delinquent receivables.

New York No Fault Lawyers - Collecting on Behalf of Dentists

Debt collection is field that we at La Sorsa & Beneventano have a vast amount of experience in. We assist dentists, physicians, chiropractors and pain management specialists in there endeavors to recover payments for outstanding bills. Our attorneys also help hospitals, Urgent Care facilities and ambulatory and EMS facilities. Our combined 50 years of litigation and trial experience puts us in an advantageous position in knowing how to successfully bring litigation against no-fault insurance companies and win.

Our clients have received over $44 million in settlements through our effective actions. Once we have been retained by you to assist in collecting your debts from insurance companies, your case will not be put on the back-burner but instead will be swiftly taken up. We provide you with the service of coming to your office to review and organize your files rather than you having to transport them to us. There is no reason to delay taking action to demand payment for medical services already rendered.

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