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New York No Fault Attorneys

La Sorsa & Beneventano is a leading law firm in the field of no fault and other medical asset recovery. With almost 100 years combined experience in billing, claims handling procedure, negotiation, litigation, and recovery, we will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your no-fault patients, or issues regarding workers' compensation coverage, major medical insurance and attorney and patient assignments.

We have processed over 40,000 no-fault cases in the past years resulting in settlements on over $44 million in unpaid claims. We litigate in every court in New York City and throughout New York State as well, including Albany County and Erie County. Our clients have seen fewer denials and increased revenues as a result of our challenging the insurance carriers' prior denials. Our strategy of intense effort, either through litigation or arbitration, results almost uniformly in a substantial settlement offer, much to the delight and favor or our clients. Our fast-track method helps bring you the cash flow you have earned.

We have assisted and counseled clients in billing issues and members of our staff have medical billing experience. We can offer advice in areas such as coding, fee-schedules, transcription and mailing. We also assist clients in issues regarding additional verification requests. We can help streamline your verification responses so that you will either get paid more expeditiously or you will prevail on any denials that are issued.

We can eliminate your IME no-show issues through a proprietary system that works to insure that your patient will attend the IME or you will not face denials based non-appearance. Likewise, we can help you address your EUO issues. We will respond to EUO requests, and counsel you on whether it is appropriate to attend. We can schedule and defend you at the EUO, and arrange for reasonable compensation for your appearance, as prescribed by law.

We are experienced in areas regarding workers' comp and major medical recoveries as well, especially regarding workers' compensation recoveries pursuant to Rule 54b and major medical recoveries on denials based upon unilateral carrier downgrading.

To learn more about how we can help, contact a New York no fault lawyer at our office today to discuss your needs.

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