Dedicated To Recovering Your Rightful Assets

At La Sorsa & Beneventano, we are dedicated to asset recovery for our clients who are medical care providers. We have become leaders in no-fault asset recovery and have streamlined our practice to make the process convenient, fast, affordable and effective. Those we help include physicians, hospitals, dentists, chiropractors, urgent care facilities, ambulatory and EMS facilities, medical clinics and other providers. Over the last 11 years, we have processed over 40,000 client files that have resulted in settlements on $44 million worth of unpaid claims.

Attorneys at our firm worked for years on behalf of insurance companies, representing them in actions brought against them. This experience demonstrated that these companies will do whatever they feel is necessary to insidiously discourage you from treating insurance patients. It is unfortunate that with our no-fault system, many health providers are tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars behind in unpaid bills. We became motivated to do something effective about the unpaid invoices from the no-fault system and other sources. This is why we recommend the use of a skilled and determined New York no-fault lawyer from our firm to resolve your unpaid claims.

If you are struggling to collect assets, contact our White Plains office at 914-821-6922 to schedule a consultation with our results-driven attorneys.

Trying To Collect Unpaid Medical Bills In New York?

Delinquent receivables
We help providers that have outstanding bills which have been submitted to no-fault insurance carriers. Many of such invoices have been partially paid, or entirely unpaid, or the provider's payments have been denied altogether.

Debt collection tactics
Since 2000, La Sorsa & Beneventano has processed over 40,000 claims for health care providers, and we have recovered over $44 million in unpaid claims. With over 100 years of legal and trial experience, we have learned a variety of debt collection tactics that have proven successful.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was implemented in 2003 to protect the health information of patients. It also gave health care providers the right to report past-due bills to collection agencies.

Hospital debt collection
A hospital is a busy place with hundreds, if not more, patients coming in and out each day. If your hospital is having difficulty receiving payment from no-fault insurance carriers, patients and workers' compensation, the attorneys at La Sorsa & Beneventano can help you recover unpaid hospital invoices.

Physician's debt collection
In this troubled economy, physicians are having increased difficulty collecting on patient debts and monies owed by no-fault insurance carriers, and many no-fault insurance carriers employ dishonest tactics to delay payments.

Dentist's debt collection
As a dental provider, your cash flow must be consistent in order for you to keep your business afloat. Unfortunately, it's common practice for no-fault insurance carriers to delay payments or deny valid claims altogether. This is frustrating for the dental provider who deserves to be compensated for services delivered.

Chiropractor's debt collection
Chiropractors are extremely valuable, especially since they offer an all-natural approach to healing. They frequently aid car accident victims and often work on a lien basis in auto accident cases. However, their claims are outright denied by insurance companies, which is completely unreasonable.

Urgent care facilities
Urgent care facilities perform vital functions in the community, offering much needed medical care on an emergency basis. Unfortunately, much like any other medical facility, urgent care facilities get their own fair share of denied or unpaid claims. At La Sorsa & Beneventano, we have recovered over $44 million in unpaid claims since 2000.

No-fault bills
There is no question that the services provided by a physician, an urgent care facility, or a dentist or a chiropractor can be critical for someone's health and well-being. When these health care providers deliver their valuable services, they deserve to be compensated and their claims paid in full.

Ambulatory and EMS facilities
When someone needs urgent medical assistance, all they have to do is call 911 and an ambulance and trained medical team will be at their door in a matter of minutes. However, too many ambulatory and EMS facilities are owed tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid invoices for critical emergency services delivered; they deserve to be compensated for assistance provided to the injured or ill.

Our No-Fault Insurance Firm Can Resolve The Problem

We have found that the fastest and most effective tool for debt collection is through litigation. Once you agree to allow us to litigate on your behalf, our first action is to organize your files. We set up, copy and collate your files, at no additional charge to you, in order to set the collection process in motion. We prepare and file the needed lawsuit and get it served in a timely manner. Our lawyers have developed a "fast-track" system designed to streamline the litigation process while achieving the final goal — collection of monies accomplished in a timely manner.

Contact Our Results-Oriented Attorneys

We function on the premise that we do not get paid until you get paid. We work with you to create a fee arrangement that is functional and profitable. Our firm works aggressively, not letting your files sit on a shelf where they will never be collected on.

Resolution of no-fault denials, slow payments and inadequate payments is an area that we focus on to get the payments you deserve, so contact a New York no-fault attorney at our office today to speak with an attorney that will work aggressively on your behalf. You may call our office at 914-821-6922 or email us today. We offer free initial case consultations.