Defending Chiropractors' Right To Unpaid Claims

Many years ago, the New York State Legislature passed what has become known as the "No-Fault Law." Whatever the original intent of the law was, the effect on health care providers has become the creation of tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding unpaid claims. Many chiropractors help patients who have been injured in automobile accidents. When the time comes for the bills for these services to be paid, chiropractors frequently run into stops from the insurance companies. This is where a New York no-fault lawyer may be of great service to you and your practice.

Your no-fault claims may have been denied on a premise of the so-called "independent medical review." These reviews are not independent as they utilize doctors chosen by the insurance companies. You may have been paid at a unilaterally determined rate, denying you the full payment you should have received. We know these and other tactics that insurance companies use and how to effectively combat them.

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Understanding Our Collection Methods

At La Sorsa & Beneventano, settlements on $44 million worth of unpaid claims will attest to our effectiveness on behalf of health care providers. Experience has shown us that our clients are best served by the placement of individual law suits for their claims. We function on the premise that we get paid when you get paid. Once agreement is reached to allow us to litigate on your behalf our process begins.

One of our first actions is to organize your files, in your office, for as much as six years back. We set up, copy and collate your files at no additional charge to you, so that collection actions can start swiftly. We have a streamlined method of litigation that delivers what chiropractors need — a quick resolution to your unpaid invoices. For this reason, you should not hesitate to get in touch with our firm as soon as possible.

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