How Does HIPAA Impact Debt Collection?

In 2003 the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was implemented. Its main purpose was to protect the health information of patients. In addition, however, it gave health care providers the right to report overdue bills to collection agencies and a method for doing so.

Most billings to insurance companies are now done using electronic methods which at times cost medical providers thousands of dollars in new technology and software. It is important to follow the HIPAA regulations, but it frequently does not result in insurance companies complying with the requirements of New York state's No-Fault Laws. This is where an experienced and proficient New York no-fault attorney can be of service to you.

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Advocating On Behalf Of Medical Providers

At our firm, La Sorsa & Beneventano, we function as skilled and effective debt collection lawyers for medical providers of all types. Since 2000, we have obtained settlements on $44 million worth of unpaid claims to our clients. Insurance companies have turned billing for services into a nightmare, designed to discourage you from treating insurance patients and frequently denying or lessening the amount paid on claims. Our New York no-fault attorneys used to work for the insurance companies but, having witnessed their tactics firsthand, now work to assist the no-fault medical provider.

Time Limit For Litigating Claims

Our most successful debt collection tactic is the placement of individual lawsuits for your claims. You are entitled to litigate claims as far back as six years in many cases. Organizing six years' worth of files can be an overwhelming burden, so we have taken over this function with no additional cost to you. When we have the agreement to litigate your unpaid claims, we come to you and set up, copy and collate your files. We help ensure that you can be compliant with HIPAA regulations while preparing the files for collection actions.

We bear the cost of preparation and filing of the lawsuit and seeing that justice is served. We won't receive money from you until you are paid through collection on outstanding claims. We focus on speed of recovery, using a specific method to make the litigation process move as quickly as possible. The goal for all of us is to save time while recovering your money faster. Being compliant with HIPAA regulations does not necessarily result in your invoices being paid.

Contact Us For Effective Collective Assistance

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