Helping Hospitals Collect Unpaid And Outstanding Debt

If you as a no-fault medical provider have unpaid or outstanding medical invoices from patients, workers' compensation and New York state no-fault insurance carriers, La Sorsa & Beneventano may be able to help. Insurance carriers commonly deny claims or simply just don't pay them. Some of the claims may have been partially paid; however, there is a balance due. A number of hospitals have outstanding invoices that have been approved by workers' comp, but payments are yet to be made. Patients who have outstanding bills which they refuse to pay may have legal action taken against them by a determined New York no-fault lawyer.

Untold man hours could be spent by a hospital trying to collect on these claims with little to no effect. As former attorneys for insurance companies, we are well aware of the bureaucracy that medical providers are forced to go through in order to get a simple bill paid. We are leaders in the field of no-fault asset recovery and have settled $44 million worth of unpaid claims for our clients.

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Over 100 Years Of Combined Litigation Experience

The members of our firm have over 100 years of combined litigation and trial experience which we can use to your benefit. We have a unique perspective in battling insurance companies due to our prior positions held within these firms. You need a quick turnaround for claim resolutions and our personalized service contributes to individualized lawsuits being filed against the insurance companies with speed and accuracy.

Contact Us To Protect Your Hospital's Financial Well-Being

Your hospital may have hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid bills which could create a financial strain for you in this unsteady economy. We do not get paid until we produce results for you and our fee arrangements are fair.

There is no point in delaying taking effective action to resolve outstanding no-fault insurance claims. We are here to help, so call our experienced lawyers at 914-821-6922, or email our White Plains office today to schedule your free initial case evaluation.