Defending Physicians' Right To Debt Collection

Health care providers in New York face increasing nonpayment of no-fault insurance claims. This affects doctors, chiropractors and dentists, as well as hospitals, urgent care facilities, and ambulatory and EMS facilities. With so many delinquent receivables, it makes it very difficult to function in today's economic climate. Cash flow is at a minimum, and many practices despair of what to do.

It is unfortunate that no-fault insurance companies devise tactics to delay or deny claims. This puts a medical provider in the position of not wanting to service no-fault insurance patients due to the apprehension of not being paid. This could dramatically decrease a doctor's business and endanger his practice. If a physician continues to accept patients under no-fault insurance, administrative personnel will spend innumerable fruitless hours battling for claims to be paid. Retaining the services of a New York debt collection attorney may be the solution.

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Over $44 Million Recovered For Our Clients

At La Sorsa & Beneventano, we have worked as lawyers for insurance companies and understand what it takes to be successful in debt collection from them. We are leaders in no-fault asset recovery as evidenced by the $44 million we have settled in unpaid claims for clients. Our experience as trial and litigation attorneys can be utilized to your advantage.

Since 2000, we have processed more than 40,000 files for clients. We will come to your office if need be to review your files, as we understand that it is difficult for you to bring them to us. Our lawyers are proud of the individualized service that we provide for our clients, and there is never an outlay of funds required for litigation by you. We get paid when you get paid.

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