The Benefits Of A Debt Collection Attorney

For years, the New York no-fault lawyers at La Sorsa & Beneventano worked for the insurance industry, representing them in actions brought against insurance companies. In doing this we saw how these companies could make every invoice, each bill and every claim into a fight for the medical provider. This became our motivation to work for the other side, the no-fault medical provider who may have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in delinquent receivables and no proven method of collecting on these.

We fight the insurance companies on your behalf, challenging their reasons for denial or inadequate payment of claims. Many times, insurance companies try to deny payments stating that certain medical procedures were not needed. Frequently, they will try to enforce the limit of 45 days to submit a bill, knowing that this is not always practical. A common tactic is to require an "independent" medical exam when it is actually a doctor of their own choosing that performs the exam and provides the predictable results that they want. We know the insurance company tactics, and by using a proven New York no-fault lawyer, your chances of collecting on those unpaid invoices is greatly increased.

If you require debt collection assistance, call our experienced lawyers at 914-821-6922 and discuss how we can help you successfully secure payments.

How Will Outstanding Unpaid Invoices Be Resolved?

We have found that our clients are best served through litigation on their claims. Once litigation is agreed upon, we provide the service of coming to your offices to organize your files and prepare them for effective debt collection. Our "fast-track" method of litigation makes the process more efficient, resulting in quick resolutions to unpaid claims. Many of your outstanding unpaid invoices won't be paid unless effective, swift action is taken.

Contact Attorneys Who Understand The Insurance Industry

Looking for an experienced debt collection lawyer in New York? The no-fault attorneys at our firm have over 100 years of combined experience in litigation and trials.

In the past 11 years we have processed over 40,000 files for our clients, resulting in unpaid claims worth $44 million being settled. In addition, we give our clients a decided advantage going forward on collection of future claims. Call our New York lawyers at 914-821-6922 now to request a free consultation! You may also contact our White Plains office online.