Helping Urgent Care Facilities Collect Payments

Few of us go through life without having to use the services of an urgent care facility, either for ourselves or a loved one. As such a facility, you perform a vital function in the medical community and are an integral part of the health care system. You should be fully paid in a timely manner. Many facilities, however, are experiencing financial crisis due to outstanding unpaid invoices that are not being effectively collected. At La Sorsa & Beneventano, we help health care providers by ensuring that debts they are owed are resolved in a swift and efficient manner.

Call our firm for the dedicated legal counsel that you require at 914-821-6922. We will fervently pursue all outstanding payments.

A History Of Successfully Recovering Payments

Since the year 2000 we have processed over 40,000 files for our clients. The result has been settlements on $44 million worth on unpaid claims, and we would like to offer our experience and proven effectiveness to you. We expedite your claims using our "fast-track" method of litigation designed for just one purpose — to deliver a quick resolution for your outstanding invoices so that you have the cash flow you need and rely upon. A dedicated no-fault attorney from our firm can explain our system and how it can work for you.

Leaders In No-Fault Asset Recovery

While we work to collect many types of outstanding invoices, we have become leaders in no-fault asset recovery. Having previously worked for insurance companies, we are intimately familiar with the tactics they use to deny, stall or lessen no-fault payments. One of the first actions that we perform is to organize your files so that we can begin collection actions. We have discovered that litigation on individual claims obtains the best results for our clients, and once your files are organized, our process begins.

Understanding what the insurance companies do to prevent payments, we aggressively pursue our litigation strategy as quickly as possible. Our firm gets the suit prepared, filed and served, all at no cost to you. Our New York no-fault attorneys get paid when you are paid, which many clients find advantageous in these tough economic times. We don't let your files sit on our shelves for years but give each claim the individualized attention it deserves.

Contact Us For Confident Representation

If your facility is struggling to recover payments, our knowledgeable attorneys can provide assistance. Call our White Plains office at 914-821-6922 or contact our lawyers online to schedule your free initial case evaluation.