Why Hire Us For No-Fault Bill Collection?

When you are faced with the necessity of billing no-fault, workers comp or major medical insurance plans, is your road to recovery more difficult than that of your patients?

Maybe you should give us a call.

At La Sorsa & Beneventano, we have years of experience in resolving the major issues standing in the way of your hard-earned fees. We are pioneers in the field of corporate structure for medical providers, and we can advise you regarding the proper structure of your entity.

We have assisted and counseled clients with collection issues, including:

  • Billing issues. Members of our staff have medical billing experience. We can offer advice in areas such as coding, fee-schedules and timely mailing of invoices.
  • Additional verification requests. We can help streamline your verification responses so that you will either get paid more expeditiously or you will prevail on any denials that are issued
  • IME no-shows. Using a proprietary system that works to ensure that your patient will attend the IME, we can eliminate no-shows or you will not face denials based upon non-appearance.
  • EUO issues. We will respond to EUO requests and counsel you on whether it is appropriate to attend. We can schedule and defend you at the EUO, and arrange for reasonable compensation for your appearance, as prescribed by law.

Of course, we've also been successfully recovering IME Cut-offs and Peer Review denials, with interest, in both the litigation and arbitration forums for years.

Thousands Of Cases Settled

We have processed over 40,000 no-fault cases resulting in settlements on over $35 million in unpaid claims. We are experienced in other areas as well, particularly regarding worker's comp recoveries pursuant to Rule 54b and major medical recoveries on denials based upon unilateral carrier downgrading.

We routinely take on Allstate, State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Liberty, American Transit, Country-Wide and all other major carriers.

Arrange Your Free Consultation

Call us at 914-821-6922 to discuss your no-fault collection needs. You can also email our firm. Our experienced New York attorneys look forward to hearing about your legal needs.