Why Do You Need An Attorney?

When you face a legal concern, you may consider resolving the issue on your own. Some New York residents assume that working with an attorney will cost a significant amount of time and money, wasting their hard-earned resources. In reality, working with an experienced legal team can help you avoid costly mistakes and provide you with the knowledgeable counsel you need to confidently resolve your concerns. Additionally, we do not get paid unless you get paid. When you work with La Sorsa & Beneventano, we work as a team to efficiently resolve your case. You are guaranteed that your case will not be left on a shelf and ignored. Our attorneys have a strong attention to detail and will tirelessly pursue the results that you deserve.

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An Advocate Who Understands Your Rights

The legal system is complex and ever changing. La Sorsa & Beneventano understands this. You will work closely with skilled attorneys who have an in-depth understanding of the laws impacting your case. We utilize this knowledge to confidently develop strong case strategies that pursue your goals and achieve results. Within our no-fault debt collection practice alone, we have collected over $44 million in unpaid claims for our clients.

Strong Negotiation And Litigation Experience

With any case, you need to determine whether to settle in negotiation or take the issue to court. Our lawyers have over 100 years of legal and trial experience and understand what case strategy will achieve the best results. We are direct with all of our clients and provide an honest evaluation of what you can expect from your case. We are innovative negotiators and aggressive litigators who utilize these skills to your advantage.

Contact Our Knowledgeable Firm For Assistance

If you face a serious legal concern, you require strong legal support. Call our White Plains office at 914-821-6922 to schedule your free initial consultation. You may also contact us online. You are not bound to work with our firm based on your initial consultation. Learn how a skilled legal team can provide maximum value to your case.