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Failure to diagnose can be deadly

People who are sick or suffering from a condition put their trust in medical professionals to determine what is wrong with them and to develop a treatment plan. While there are many knowledgeable health care professionals practicing in New York and across the United States, mistakes still occur. When physicians fail to diagnose patients or give the wrong diagnosis, it can cause serious long-lasting injuries and even death.

A study published in BMJ Quality & Safety found that 1 in 20 adult patients who visit an outpatient clinic or emergency room in the United States are misdiagnosed. This equates to approximately 12 million people every year. In about half of these cases, patients were seriously harmed as a result of the medical negligence. For example, a doctor may misread a cloudy area on a chest x-ray to be pneumonia when cancer also can present itself as a cloudy area on an x-ray.

Report: New York the top state for teen drivers

New York is the best place for teen drivers in the country, a recent report suggests.

In the study, 23 different factors were reviewed to give each state a teen driver score. These scores were then used to rank the states based on how good of an environment they have for teen drivers.

Take these essential steps after a car accident

If you are involved in a car accident, you can expect to face a variety of immediate challenges. In addition to your health and well-being, you may also have concerns about your damaged vehicle.

It's easy to get confused about which actions you should and shouldn't take following a collision. It's imperative that you understand the consequences. Below is some useful information for the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle accident and several steps you should absolutely take:

  • Check yourself for injuries. This is the most important thing, as you need to receive medical attention for any injury (even if you think it's minor).
  • Help your passengers. If there are passengers in your vehicle, make sure you also help them after an accident. For example, a backseat passenger may have suffered an injury that requires first aid.
  • Move your vehicle to safety. It's not always possible to move a disable car or truck, but if you're able, you should attempt to move your vehicle to the side of the road.
  • Call 911. This will give you some alert the police and first responders to your plight and rush assistance to the scene.
  • Exchange information. If you or the other driver are seriously injured, you may have to delay this step, but if you can exchange information you should consider doing so.
  • Take notes. Where did the accident occur? Were there any witnesses? In addition to your notes, don't forget to take photos of the scene as well as your injuries.
  • Contact your insurance company. Once you're able to do so, call your insurance agent to let him or her know what happened and to get advice on what to do next.

Nursing home neglect can lead to falls

Imagine your mother or father pushing the call light in their nursing home. They're meant to wait for a nurse to arrive to help them get up out of bed. They also have to wait for a nurse to go to the bathroom or get dressed.

The nurse is supposed to be there to make sure your parent doesn't fall. You know your mom or dad is a fall risk, so you've made it clear that the staff has to be careful and be there quickly when your mother or father needs assistance.

Watch for these signs of nursing home abuse

It can take months to find a nursing home that has a room available and seems to provide sufficient care. Imagine eventually moving your mother into a nursing facility in White Plains. Things seemed great during the first couple of weeks, but you started to notice a few things that made you uncomfortable when you went to visit. Perhaps, you even began to wonder if there was neglect or abuse occurring in the nursing home.

Before the above scenario becomes a reality, it is important that you become familiar with the signs of nursing home abuse. Once you are aware of these signs, it will help you stay vigilant in case your loved one is suffering neglect or abuse.

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