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Watch for these signs of nursing home abuse

It can take months to find a nursing home that has a room available and seems to provide sufficient care. Imagine eventually moving your mother into a nursing facility in White Plains. Things seemed great during the first couple of weeks, but you started to notice a few things that made you uncomfortable when you went to visit. Perhaps, you even began to wonder if there was neglect or abuse occurring in the nursing home.

Before the above scenario becomes a reality, it is important that you become familiar with the signs of nursing home abuse. Once you are aware of these signs, it will help you stay vigilant in case your loved one is suffering neglect or abuse.

Sudden physical and emotional changes

If your loved one started displaying significant changes in physical appearance or emotional stability, it could be a sign that not all is as it should be in the nursing home. However, keep in mind that certain diseases can also bring on such changes, so before you start pointing fingers, be sure there are not any other reasons for the changes.


If staff members cannot answer your questions or are evasive, then there might be a problem. In addition, if they refuse to discuss even the basic elements of your loved one's care, it might be a sign that abuse or neglect is occurring.


If you pop in for a visit and notice that there is not enough staff or that the current staff on duty seems stressed out, then the residents are at a high risk of neglect. When there is not enough staff to go around, it is easy for them to make mistakes or simply not provide adequate care.


Look for signs of dehydration or malnourishment. These conditions can occur very quickly and are often the most common, especially when understaffing is a problem in a nursing facility. If you see these symptoms in your loved one, take it as a sign that he or she is not receiving proper treatment.

If any of the above signs exist in your loved one's nursing home, then abuse or neglect might be a problem. Take the necessary steps to remove your loved one from the situation and consider taking legal action for the damages.

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