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Understaffing in nursing homes leads to neglect

Understaffing in nursing homes is a huge problem across the United States. It is estimated that 90 percent of all nursing homes in the country are suffering from understaffing. The problem is mainly a result of nursing homes being focused on profit, and, therefore, unwillingness to raise salaries or pay for a larger workforce.

While it is recognized that nursing homes need to operate as a business, when they refuse to hire enough staff, and, as a result, the patients in the nursing home suffer, it can constitute unlawful negligence.

How does understaffing in nursing homes lead to neglect?

When New York nursing homes do not have enough staff, it puts more pressure on the staff present to be able to properly care for all residents. Most frequently, neglect can occur purely because staff simply do not have enough time in their working hours to be able to attend to the basic needs of each patient. However, it can put additional strain and pressure on staff, meaning that they are more likely to be unprofessional, make mistakes, be irritable, or even angry and abusive.

What kind of neglect can occur due to understaffing, and what are the consequences?

This means that patients can suffer from poor hygiene and malnourishment. Poor hygiene has the potential to be detrimental to nursing home residents' health, and they are likely to suffer from infections and illnesses as a result. In addition, malnourishment can lead to illness and a lowered immune response. Medication mistakes, which can be extremely serious, are another common outcome of understaffing in nursing homes.

Noticing neglect in a New York nursing home

It is important to be able to recognize the signs of neglect in nursing homes. It is possible that residents will not know whether their care is sub-par. As their loved one, it is important that you check that their hygiene is maintained, and watch out for signs that they are feeling depressed, anxious or unsettled.

If you believe that neglect due to understaffingmay be taking place in a New York nursing home, it is important to take action immediately.

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