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Many things that people do in New York are not completely safe. In a perfect world, everybody would realize this and do everything possible to ensure that their neighbors do not suffer injury. Unfortunately, we often find through our work here at La Sorsa & Beneventano Attorneys at Law that this world is far from the harmonious place we would like it to be.

If someone's negligence were to cause you an injury — if you were to slip and fall on poorly maintained property, for example — that could be an example of our civilized system breaking down. We count on each other for our safety — and that is far from an unwritten rule. It is a law, written into our state's statutes on premises injuries and supported by a history of judicial decisions. 

As stated on the FindLaw summary of this section of the law, you could have a chance to hold a negligent party to account for making you whole again. Beyond that, you could help prevent other people from suffering the same fate as yourself. Once unscrupulous property owners lose a personal injury case, it is our experience that they often decide to start maintaining their holdings more diligently.

Regardless of how much these cases help the community at large, our first goal when representing our clients is to help them put their lives back together. We get a feeling of pride when our meticulous research and tenacious representation is able to secure the financial resources that accident victims need to heal and move on. Please read on at our main website to learn more.

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