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What you should know about aggressive driving

As a New York motorist, you may be used to navigating the busy roadways alongside other large trucks and vehicles. You may be familiar with traffic congestion and, like many other people, find it difficult to get to work, important meetings and appointments while trudging through the piled-up vehicles all hurrying to various destinations. In some cases, these situations can get overwhelming, and you may experience feelings of anger, aggression and rage. Road rage is not uncommon in New York and across the United States. In fact, a report released by AAA reported that as many as 80 percent of motorists have felt road rage at least once while driving in the last 12 months. Road rage can lead to aggressive driving behaviors, which in turn, can cause devastating car accidents, injuries and even deaths.

Aggressive drivers may engage in hazardous behaviors on the road, including the following:

  •          Yelling profanities and using offensive hand gestures
  •          Obsessive horn honking
  •          Erratically switching lanes between other vehicles
  •          Tailgating or driving too closely behind another vehicle
  •          Failure to obey traffic signals, pedestrian crosswalks and signs
  •          Cutting off other drivers and failing to yield to their right of way

In extreme cases, angry drivers may get out of their vehicles and attempt to interact with another driver. There have been situations where drivers have hit other vehicles and caused a major car accident as a result of their frustration. It is important to avoid interactions with angry drivers and to report them to law enforcement if necessary.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice.

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