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Do you know what caused your commercial truck accident?

After a commercial truck accident, you may have a lot of questions that need answers. How long will your recovery take? When can you expect compensation for your losses? How will you pay your bills if you cannot work?

The details of each accident are unique, so there are no one-size-fits-all answer for victims, but it is always wise to begin building a legal strategy as soon as you can. It is possible that you have more options than you realize right now, but only if you take action immediately. The longer you wait to begin working on your accident claim, the fewer options you have, and the more difficult it is to protect your rights.

Did you cause the accident?

The outcome of your commercial truck accident claim depends on identifying the cause of the accident. If you believe that you are responsible for the accident, you may feel like there is little that you can do. However, the accident potentially occurred because of a number of factors, which may change your mind about whether you caused it.

Even in instances when you believe that you clearly caused an accident, it is wise to wait until you can review all the evidence. If you assume liability before you get the facts, you may accidentally accept blame for something that is not your fault, or not entirely your fault.

Did the truck driver cause the accident?

If a truck driver causes an accident, they may hold liability personally or may pass it to their employer. This depends on whether the employer classifies them as an independent contractor or an employee.

If the driver is an independent contractor, then they hold lability through their own insurance. if the driver is an employee, the company that employs them may be liable. This is an important distinction to understand.

Did some other party cause the accident?

In some instances, none of the drivers involved actually caused an accident. Drivers depend on third parties to perform good work when they repair brakes, fuel lines and other systems within the truck. Poor repairs may cause an accident, which may mean the party that performed the repairs holds liability.

It is also possible that the party that loaded a trailer or secured a load to a flatbed did not properly load the cargo. Poorly secured cargo may tip over or shift while the trailer is in motion, which can quickly cause an accident. Even well-secured cargo may cause an accident if it is not balanced properly.

You must understand how each of these potential causes may apply to your case. The sooner that you begin building your legal strategy, the sooner you can keep your rights protected, allowing you to focus on your own needs, like physical and financial recovery.

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