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When can you sue a nursing home for an injury?

Many nursing homes in New York get money from the government. Because of this, there are many regulations they have to follow. If your loved one had an injury in one of these facilities, there may have been a violation of the rules present.

There are often many contributing factors to a single nursing home injury. Here are a few of the categories that may apply.

First and foremost, as shown on FindLaw, nursing home staff and administrators usually have legal responsibilities to take care of their charges. Any and all of the following injuries could be a result of a malicious or negligent act breaching those duties.

Seniors have much more susceptibility to injuries during auto accidents. Joint problems, head injuries and soft tissue damage are often more severe for older people. Even a small lapse in responsible driving on behalf of a nursing home shuttle driver may result in catastrophic injury.

Nursing home residents are also often highly susceptible to slips and falls. If these events are the result of a negligent maintenance schedule on behalf of a nursing home, you could have multiple claims.

You probably trust the nursing home staff to provide adequate medical care to your loved ones. The facility may have even advertised this care when you signed up. Providing incompetent medical services is never acceptable, but it is often even more distressing in these situations.

You can probably see how a single nightmarish situation could produce multiple claims. Imagine a slip on an unmarked wet floor, resulting in an injury that was subsequently treated incompetently. In most cases, you would probably want to pursue all of the relevant issues for the greatest chance of compensation for your damages. Please do not regard this as legal advice specific to any real situation. It is only general information.

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