A birth injury is a tragic turn of events for a mother who had an otherwise healthy pregnancy. A birth injury can leave a child with a lifetime of hardships, including mental and physical impairments. Families throughout New York who have gone through this type of misfortune must contact the law firm of La Sorsa and Beneventano, to mee with a top White Plains personal injury lawyer. A birth injury attorney will advocate for an injured child and will help a family pursue just and fair compensation for their child’s injuries and the financial burden the injuries have placed upon them.

Birth Injury Lawsuits - How the La Sorsa and Beneventano Law Firm can Help
from the La Sorsa and Beneventano Law Firm

Complications that arise during labor and delivery are fairly common. An obstetrician and the delivery room staff must take all necessary precautions to avoid any complications, in addition to any appropriate measures necessary, when a difficult delivery occurs. Negligence during delivery can lead to a variety of birth injuries including those that harm the mother and/or the child.

A birth injury case can include the following:

  • Prenatal care negligence
  • Midwife malpractice
  • Vacuum extractor injuries
  • Delayed C-section
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hypoxia

Birth injuries to the child or mother can range from life-altering disabilities to broken bones. Some parents do not understand how their child’s injuries occurred, only that their child may now have permanent damage. Parents who believe that their child has sustained a birth injury due to a mistake made by a medical professional must seek legal representation immediately.

A birth injury attorney from the law firm of La Sorsa and Beneventano will perform a comprehensive investigation into a child’s injuries and the procedures that were used by the medical professionals. The lawyer must determine if the medical staff and/or the physician deviated from the accepted standards of care. If the staff or physician are believed to be at fault, a member of our firm will fight to get the family the maximum compensation they deserve for their child’s injuries.

Types of Birth Injuries

Any type of negligent action made by a medical professional during prenatal care or the birth of a child is part of a medical malpractice claim. This type of claim can also include any negligent actions that were made by an obstetrician or midwife that contributed to the death or injuries of a newborn. An attorney will dig deep to find out why a child was hurt during the delivery.

Birth injury lawyers will help clients with different types of birth injuries, such as the following:

The failure to perform a C-section promptly

Delayed C-sections can result in a lack of oxygen for infants, which can lead to brain damage, as well as many other complications such as Erb’s palsy.

Cerebral palsy

This is a condition that stems from damage to the motor areas of the brain and nervous system. Brain damage is possible before delivery, but it can also be the direct result of a lack of oxygen or fetal monitoring during delivery.

Erb’s palsy

Nerve damage to the newborn’s shoulder during delivery can result in lifelong limited function in the child’s limbs or paralysis. This condition is preventable through the correct use of medical tools or a timely C-section.

Improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors

A doctor will use these tools to deliver a child when the infant is breech or in distress during delivery. The incorrect use of these tools, or the use of excessive force when using these tools can result in the death of a newborn, brain damage, or facial scarring.

Death of a newborn

A birth injury is tragic, but the death of a child during labor is especially devastating. If a child is stillborn, the parents may not know if the death of their child was caused by a mistake made by the doctor.

A birth injury lawyer will work closely with a trusted obstetrician and other medical professionals and perform a thorough review of the delivery and any medical records. The lawyer and their medical staff will determine if a breach in the standards of care occurred and determine if the breach was the cause of a child’s death.

Seeking Damages for a Birth Injury

An attorney will seek damages for a child’s medical care, in addition to the economic and personal impact of a lifelong disability. An attorney will guide the family through the legal process and fight on their behalf. Using a team of expert witnesses and by obtaining medical documents, eyewitness testimony, and other types of evidence, a personal injury lawyer will help a family receive the maximum settlement.

Contact a Birth Injury Lawyer at the Law Firm of La Sorsa and Beneventano

The birth of a child should be the happiest day of a parent’s life. However, when medical negligence leads to a fatal or severe injury, it can quickly become the worst. These traumatic injuries often result in a lifetime of pain and suffering. Even worse, this type of injury is preventable. Parents must contact a White Plains personal injury lawyer from the La Sorsa and Beneventano law firm for a case evaluation if their child has suffered a serious birth injury. An attorney can help a family recover the money needed to provide for their child in the future. With legal representation, a family can receive a large settlement that will cover past, current, and future medical expenses, in addition to compensation for pain and suffering. Hiring a white plains birth injury lawyer, will give a family the best chance of winning a higher settlement in a medical malpractice case.